Coastal Collective

Client Results

"Goodness, where do I start...Jenna is incredible. She not only has an amazing design eye - but she understands how to develop a long-lasting brand. Jenna developed our branding, designed our website, and managed our brand shoot and I can say without a DOUBT that my business would not be where it is today without her work. Our brand finally feels like ours, and it's perfectly tailored to the type of clients we want to attract. After our re-brand with Jenna, our business moved up an entirely new level. And after our brand shoot (which is completely based on our branding), we moved up like ten levels. Branding is definitely an investment but everything we've hired Jenna for, we've gotten back TEN FOLD in business revenue. So thankful for her, her vision, her skill...if you're on the fence about hiring her - JUMP. You're business will completely change for the better." 


Full Rebrand
Creative Direction
Website Design
Brand Photoshoot Art Direction




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