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A blueprint to help brand and website designers dramatically scale their income with lower budget inquiries and short timelines

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Trying to scale your income as a designer can be beyond frustrating


No matter what you do, you only get “low budget” inquiries which makes raising your prices feel impossible.


Your timelines always go over which makes booking new projects stressful and staying motivated to finish projects exhausting


You feel like you have to offer more in order to justify charging more which just ends in more work and longer timelines for you

Let's fix that.


What's a design intensive?

A design intensive is simply a type of project process or structure. 

Traditionally, brand and website projects take weeks or even months to complete. Depending on the designer or agency, the process can involve multiple meetings, lots of research, lengthy presentations, time consuming image sourcing, endless back and forth over email during the revision stage and more. A design intensive takes that process and “intensifies” it to only include what’s absolutely necessary for a solid rebrand (or website) - a strategic prep period, 1 prep meeting and 1 design day to build out a full brand or 5 page website.

Now, before you write off the idea- previous students and I charge anywhere from $1k-$2.5k for each design intensive day. You can make between $1-$2.5k a DAY doing this. Imagine what that could do for your business, your family and your lifestyle. The process might sound crazy but you would be surprised by how much you can get done in a day with the right prep work and real-time feedback.  



Last summer, I learned that day rates were a thing and I decided to implement them into my business right away. I made an IG post that night and pressed “post.” *Crickets* My excitement faded. I decided to pitch it on my next sales call later that week but the response was disappointing. They weren’t interested and it confused them. Ugh. I continued to try on future calls but was losing hope. No one wanted it. I only booked 2 day rate projects the rest of the year.

Determined, I decided to re-approach and restructure the entire offering. Through lots of trial and error, I made significant changes then BAM! It clicked and everyone I pitched it to started saying “yes!” without hesitation. Now, I consistently book 1-2 of these offerings per week and my schedule is full over a month out! I’m making $10k+/month with intensives alone (not including the full branding projects I still do!) and am only working part-time hours.

I started talking about it on IG and the response was overwhelming. Now, I’m teaching other designers my exact process for creating, selling and executing a design intensive offer so you can do the same thing!


My sales pitch (and call script) for Design Intensives that makes them a no brainer decision for the right client 


The mindset you need to fill your schedule and start making $10k+/month working just 1-2 full days per week


The Design Intensive structure and process from inquiry to prep work to design day to final file hand off

In this course, you'll learn. . .


How to strategically prep for a successful design day so your client leaves happy and you feel confident


How to differentiate this offer from your full brand and website projects so you can still book those too!


How to fill your schedule, automate/streamline your process and scale this offer to include junior designers



A bonus call with Cassidy Dulworth that will help you over hurdles within your mindset when it comes to intensives and business  

You’ll also receive ALL my templates for everything from emails to questionnaires to the prep work presentation and call scripts

More results from past students


Scale your income doesn't have to be hard. It's possible to work less and make more with the inquiries you're already getting.

Let’s do the math, it’s insane!

$10K/MONTH = $120K/YEAR

If you do this part time and book 5, $2k projects a month that each take 1 day to complete…that means you’re making $10k that month and are only working 5 full, dedicated days. That’s just 1 work-week a month. If you did that every month, you’d work 60 days out of 365 days that year and make $120k/yr. This isn’t accounting for any full brand or website projects you do in addition to this and this is if you do it part time! I’m doing this exact thing. I work 20-25 hours a week total and stay home the other part with 2 very young kids who I’m the main caregiver for. This is more than possible for you!!

We all want to book $10k+ projects but here’s the problem:

There just aren’t as many of those opportunities as there are “low budget” requests.

Think about it, how many ‘low budget” inquiries do you get per week? And how often do you feel frustrated about that?

What if you could turn each of those low budget inquiries into profitable projects instead of turning them away and feeling frustrated? (All while still booking the high budget clients too!)

What if you could make your $2k design intensive projects just as, if not more, profitable than your $10k projects?

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Save $100 by paying in full!
10 templates, scripts & resources
7 email response templates
5, 1-2 hour recorded video trainings
Bonus guest training
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10 templates, scripts & resources
7 email response templates
5, 1-2 hour recorded video trainings
Bonus guest training
Private FB support group
Lifetime access


Is this course only for designers with a certain level of experience?

As the designer, you need to be experienced enough to confidently walk your client through the design process and be comfortable offering your expert opinion when they are having a hard time making a decision. Since they don’t have the opportunity to consult with others during this process, they often rely on the designer even more than normal to help them make informed design choices that are aligned with their goals of the project. 

If you are a brand new designer, I recommend doing a few full brand projects with clients before jumping into intensives. 

How long will the course take me to finish?

The course is pre-recorded so it's self-paced. It is very "binge-able." Some people binge, finish it in a day or 2 then start implementing and booking intensives that same week! Others would rather take it slow and watch one class per day, if you did that, it would take about a week to finish. 

What is a design intensive?

A design intensive is a type of project structure or process. It takes the process of a full rebrand or website design and "intensifies" it into about 2 hours of prep work and one day of design work. Clients love it because they get exactly what they need really quickly and in a budget they are comfortable with. You love it because the client relationships are fast (no drawn out timelines), your profit margin is often larger than even your larger, full projects and they are easy to book out since the timeline is so predictable. You also get to book clients you might usually turn away due to budget without compromising your income.

I’m not a designer but want to offer intensives, would I still benefit from taking this course?

The concept of intensives is very transferrable to other industries and services however, this course was really designed for other designers. It is taught from that point of view and all of the resources, templates and examples are for a designer's process. I am planning on creating an intensive workshop for other industries to help them create their own intensive offer so be on the lookout for that!

Is the class pre-recorded/go at your own pace?

Yes! The class is pre-recorded so you can watch it whenever works best for you! I recommend bingeing it in a few days so you can implement and see a return quickly.

I want to offer intensives but am nervous that no one will book my full projects, how do you make sure that doesn’t happen?

The way I teach pricing is that you want ALL of your projects to be equally profitable so for you, it won't matter if someone books your intensive vs your full because even though the dollar amount on the full might be larger, your actual profit is about the same.

Intensives and full projects are also just very different and they serve different purposes even though some of the deliverables are the same. I have clients choose full, more expensive projects over intensives all the time. It is all about how you explain it and position them next to each other so it is clear to the client what the benefits and differences are of both.

I go over ALL of this in the course!

A blueprint to help brand and website designers dramatically scale their income with lower budget inquiries and short timelines

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A blueprint to help current and aspiring brand and website designers successfully start and scale their own thriving design studio.

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