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4 tips to making low budget inquiries, highly profitable projects

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1. Change your mindset around “low budget” inquiries and think about profitability instead

We all want “high budget” clients. That’s the dream right? For a client ready to spend $10k on a branding project to walk through your doors. And high budget clients CAN be really dreamy but they don’t come around every day. They can also require a lot of work. If you actually look at the numbers though, a high budget project may not be as profitable as you thought after you account for the endless revisions, 3 month timeline, outsourcing part of the project, etc. The exciting thing is, if you know how to structure the project, “low budget” projects can be just as, if not more, profitable than high budget projects and you could have everything you need to earn $10k months coming through your doors already. 

2. Get excited about design intensives. Let’s do some math together.

In essence, there are 2 ways to make more money. 1. You can charge more. Or 2. You can charge the same but do the work in less time. 

This is where design intensives come into play. In an intensive style project, I fit a lot of work aka value, into a single day offer. So instead of charging more for a traditional branding package that takes 4-6 weeks on average to complete, I charge less and do the work in a day. They’re awesome because the client loves them, they get what they need (high value) and I make a really good profit.

For a “design intensive” where I build a brand or website in a single day, I charge $2k+ and book 1-2 per week (I work part time and take care of my kids the other part) If I do that 48 weeks out of the year (because, let’s be real, we all need vacations), I’d work 60 total days out of 365 and I’d make $120k in the year. 🤯 

You can do the math for your own dream situation and see how the money multiplies quickly! It’s exciting!

3. Implement and sell intensive offers

Now that I have you all excited about the possibilities of this type of offer, it’s time to implement it and start filling up your schedule! You’ll want to learn the best way to sell it to potential clients and position it against your other offers so you can book both “full” projects and “intensive” projects then find that perfect balance between the two that feels good for you.

4. Execute your first design day

Since this service structure is a bit different than your typical full project, you’ll want to put together a process for your design day and make sure the expectations are communicated with your client. A smooth design day happens when proper preparation has been done, the client fully understands the process and you know exactly what to do and what you’re designing. 

I am truly obsessed with this offer. I implemented Design Intensives last year and saw my business take off! I work less and make more than I ever have and I get to spend time with my kids. I started sharing about how I was doing this on IG and the response was overwhelming! All my designer friends wanted to know how I was doing it so I created a master training to teach and spill all strategies for implementing, selling and executing a design intensive.

In the training, I go over:

  • my sales pitch for Design Intensives that makes them a no brainer decision for the right client

  • the mindset you need to fill your schedule and start making $10k+/month working just 1-2 full days a week

  • The full design intensive structure and process from inquiry to final file hand off

  • How to differentiate this offer from your full brand and website projects so you can still book those too!

  • Plus, I hand over all my process document so you can use them as templates in your own intensives.

Sound interesting?