Is hopping on the trend bandwagon bad? |

Is hopping on the trend bandwagon bad?

We just released our trend predictions for 2021 which got us thinking about utilizing trends within branding projects. Trends are fun but can be a fast way to blend in (which is exactly the opposite of what we want for your company!)

We all remember the trends of the past (like the “handwritten” faux gold foil calligraphy logos of 2015 or the arch shapes of 2020) because they were EVERYWHERE. Everyone was doing the same thing and mimicking each other to the point where, while pretty, the point of the identity system was lost.

Okay, so let’s first remind ourselves of why we brand in the first place- to identify our company in the market. So what happens if everyone’s identity is generally the same? It becomes pretty hard to tell who’s who, right?

But trends are pretty and inspiring and fun though! Good news, there is a time and place for them!

Trends should not…

  1. Define your brand –

  2. Be your brand’s fundamentals

  3. Always be apart of your brand’s identity system

How to use trends effectively

  1. Use them sparingly and intentionally- they are great for a season, when used in a small way. Use them in a brand photoshoot or as a homepage banner on your website or as an IG post.

  2. Let them go when their time is up- you know when the time has come when they are mainstream. Like you can’t go a day without seeing them on your IG or Pinterest. Pay attention to when they are being overly used to the point where everyone is starting to look the same.

  3. Be an early adopter- be one of the first to use them so people look to YOU as someone who pays attention.

  4. Understand what is going to be lasting and what is going to date you- some trends aren’t necessarily “trendy.” For the example, classic font faces are trending this year but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. They will always be classic. The same goes for choosing a popular color palette. While going with an entire desert color palette vibe might date you in a year, going with a classic green probably won’t.