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Why branding and design is a growing market

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  1. An aesthetically pleasing brand is the new standard- Over the years, we have watched the idea and the implementation of brand design take off. With the rise of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, this isn’t a surprise but in order to launch and be relevant, design needs to be part of the early conversations. Not having a brand identity isn’t an option anymore, even in the early stages. This means more and more small businesses are investing in their branding.

  2. Your story is more important than ever- Everyone is going online and the market is favoring small businesses again. People would rather buy from people rather than large corporations. Brand is a really important factor in that piece of the puzzle. In addition, most markets are saturated and how the company looks on the outside is one of the most obvious ways to stand apart from similar offerings. A strong brand aesthetic identifies and builds necessary awareness.

  3. Big businesses are investing in brand- When evaluating where to invest and where trends are going, it’s always a good idea to look at what big businesses are doing. If you pay attention, what they are do tells us a lot. Let’s look at Target. Over the last 5 years, they are investing and seeing massive results from creating small brands within their large brand. They call these “private labels” and they are doing super well. Ex: Goodfellow; Casablanca; Wild Fable. They’re also bringing in small brands and designer partnerships in order to stay relevant within the market. People want to buy from people and this gives their customer that experience even while shopping at a large corporation. Example: Joanna Gaines, Heath and Hand; Kate Arends; Wit and Delight. Look and learn, the big guys are saying that brand matters, that it’s growing and it’s not going anywhere!

  4. Businesses are going online- This year has been weird (for so many reasons) and has done nothing but magnify how important it is for businesses to be online, even brick and mortars. It wasn’t a secret before that this was important but it definitely sped up the process and now everyone who hadn’t done before it is rushing to do so. These small businesses need immediate help with branding and a website. They know that they either need to invest or they risk going out of business.

  5. Case study- I went out to a new restaurant the other night with some girlfriends. We found a super cute restaurant to meet at and planned on an early 5:30 dinner. We showed up to the restaurant and found out it was a 3 hour wait to be seated! WHAT! And during a pandemic. I was shocked. Needless to say, we went to another place that night but we looked up the restaurant to find out that it was brand new. Had opened in October 2020- during COVID. We decided that it had to be good if the wait was so long so we decided to make reservations for the future. Soonest available, 2 weeks out if you wanted dinner on a Saturday! This is the power of branding! This place is the epitome of a girls night. It was a VIBE. Was the food good? Yeah. But without the branding, the interiors, the feeling you get when you’re there, it’s just another good restaurant. It wouldn’t be nearly as successful. I will shout this from the rooftop forever and ever. branding has the power to make a difference. This business proves that even industries most impacted by uncertain times can do more than survive, they can THRIVE.